The Tourer feels rapid, while the smooth-shifting auto gearbox helps keep the engine on song. If you want to take manual control, you have to use the gearstick, as there are no steering wheel-mounted shift paddles. Image 5 of On the road, the Mazda delivers decent comfort, although it does have a bias towards sporty handling. On the motorway, the 6 is hushed and has a smooth ride, with only a hint of the car pitching fore and aft over expansion joints. The petrol engines feel the most athletic, with good response and smooth power delivery, but the diesels are the standouts here.

The powerful bhp diesel paired with the six-speed manual transmission is the fastest, with a 7. The faster diesel will almost reach mph too. Switch to petrol, and the bhp version will crack mph with mph in 9. The 6 Tourer proves that it does, posting great mpg figures and low CO2 for low tax bills. The bhp 2. You need the mid-level SE-L to achieve the highest mpg numbers, though, as it comes with the new i-Eloop regenerative braking system.

It takes the 1. Image 9 of Elsewhere in the engine line-up the Mazda 6 Tourer performs well, too. The bhp diesel variant has a best combined cycle figure of The entry-level petrol engine is the bhp unit, which delivers a best of In terms of overall value the Mazda 6 Tourer looks like a winner in the showroom too.

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The insurance group ratings for the Mazda 6 Tourer range from 16 for the entry-level petrol model, up to group 23 for the quickest and most expensive bhp Sport Nav diesel. Perhaps as a result of a less than well-appreciated brand image, the car will struggle to beat a 40 per cent residual value after three years and 30, miles — at least according to valuation experts CAP. One area where the 6 stands out from its rivals is its styling. Go for an SE-L model, and you get standard halogen headlamps, although there are no options to upgrade to LEDs or xenons.

Elsewhere, you get silver roof rails and smart inch alloys, but while the rims help to soften the ride, they look lost in the wheelarches. Another gripe, and something the 6 has in common with the Passat, is the range of uninspiring metallic paints on offer. Image 2 of Controlling the assorted functions is relatively easy, and you can either use the touchscreen at all times or the controller, or you can switch between the two.

Thanks to the redesigned roofline, the Mazda 6 Tourer offers more headroom for rear passengers than the saloon version. Isofix child seat mounts are standard on the two outer rear seats.

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Like the VW, the Mazda has a slight lip, but the boot latch has a protective flap that covers it and prevents items from being scratched when loading and unloading. Upgrading to the Signature wasn't worth it to me since I didn't care about navigation the Touring has Apple CarPlay so nav wasn't needed.

My only requirements were leather and sunroof and any color but grey ever car on the road nowadays is grey! The blue with the tan leather interior is awesome. My only complaints are minor. I wish the center arm rest was moved forward a little bit because my arm ends up resting on the cupholder section instead of the padded console. That's it, those are my only complaints.

Worth every penny I paid. Write a review. See all 6 reviews. The Accord is one of our top-ranked cars in the class as well as our Editors' Choice for best sedan. But with its recent refresh, the Mazda 6 easily holds its own. It also offers sportier ride and handling characteristics.

It's hard to go wrong with either of these two. It used to be a hard sell to get someone to look at the Mazda 6 instead of the Toyota Camry, but that's starting to swing the other way. The Camry is hampered by less-than-inspired driving dynamics and a widely disliked infotainment system. The idea of Buick offering a hatchback might seem a bit strange, but it's added practicality to a generally well-executed sedan.

The Regal lacks some of the Mazda's sophistication and polish, but it offers a quieter ride as well as optional all-wheel drive. There's also a high-performance Regal GS for not too much more money.

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Pricing Reviews Features Competitors Save. Home Mazda Mazda 6. View Photos. Other years. MSRP Range. Select your model: Basic. Well Equipped. Compare dealer price quotes. What should I pay. Which 6 does Edmunds recommend? Of the two available engines, the turbocharged 2. That eliminates the Sport and Touring models, but we think the Grand Touring strikes the best balance in terms of performance and value. Each vehicle typically comes in multiple versions that are fundamentally similar. The ratings in this review are based on our full test of the Mazda 6 Signature Sedan turbo 2.

Scorecard Overall 8. Going against the trend to isolate the driver from the road, Mazda went out of its way to keep the driving experience in the 6 connected. The throttle response is very linear, and we love the low-end grunt of the engine but wish for a bit more juice at the top end. Handling is superlative for the class. The 6's turbo four-cylinder engine provides excellent acceleration off the line. It pulls strongly from low rpm since most of its power is made down low. It's not as thrusty at the top end but manages to hit 60 mph in 6.

The 6 needs feet to stop from 60 mph, which is an average performance for the class. The brakes are responsive without being grabby and have easy but confident pedal effort. It has the heaviest steering weighting of the class, which means low-speed maneuvers take a fair bit of muscle. But the payoff comes when driving around turns, where the feedback is excellent. The steering's on-center feel is great and is naturally self-centering, too. It's a segment standout.

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The 6's handling is superlative. It never hesitates at turn-in and plants itself in the corner, giving drivers tons of confidence. There's minimal body roll, and it maintains its line even over moderate bumps and keeps its composure turn after turn. Handling is in Mazda's wheelhouse. We found the transmission to be very good at predicting our intent, and just about all shifts, both up and down, were smooth and quick.

The engine works best when the revs are kept below 4, rpm. Sport mode lets it stay in a gear longer and sharpens downshifts. The biggest issue is deciding how much you value a plush ride. If you prefer a car that's planted to the road and lets you know what the asphalt underneath the tires is like, you won't find any issues with the stiff but compliant suspension on the Mazda 6. Its seats are great in long stints.

The seats have firm padding and contouring to prevent you from moving around when driving enthusiastically. Both the seat bottoms and back bolsters are supportive without being intrusive. These seats work well for both long-range cruising comfort and support for when you're on curvier roads. The 6 has a sport-tuned suspension, so it rides a bit stiffer than its competitors. The ride isn't punishing, but some might find it not to their comfort standards. If you live in Northern Ireland and want to buy your next new car from uk car discount read the information here.

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